Thursday, September 22, 2011

The crazy work week.

This week has been bad for my work.

Sunday: off
Monday: off
Tuesday: inservice at work 1200 to 1330, work from 1330 to 0700 on Wednesday morning :( 19.5 hours in total.  Wow.
Wednesday: work from 2300 to 0700
Thursday: off
Friday: work from 2300 to 0700
Saturday: work from 2300 to 0700.

And I'll work Sunday night as well.  Usually I just work from 1500 to 0700 on Tuesday and Thursday and every other weekend, but my lovely unit coordinator screws up my schedule all the time.  Even though she's the one who decided to have me work Tuesday, Thursday, and every other weekend.  Gah!

The only positive thing from this is the big payoff when I get my paycheck.  She's taking my time from my dear husband away and I don't appreciate it.  I can't always put my life on hold for work.

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