Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm worried about the MedStud.

The MedStud had his first microbiology test on Wednesday, and it really didn't do well.  I felt so awful, because the hurricane coming during his studying time was the worst timing ever.  He studied all weekend and still ended up with a bad score on the test.  What have you done to help your MedStud?  Do you study with him?  Quiz him?  How does your MedStud keep his grades up?

He decided that studying at home presents too much distraction (i.e. League of Legends game) so he has been studying at the school all day every day.  Yesterday he studied for 10 hours straight!  Holy cow.

On a plus note, we have finally had our power restored after over 125 hours without.  I am so so so happy!!!


  1. My mister has to study on his own - and he listens to music. I REALLY don't know how that works??
    He has a photogenic memory though (which I just cannot understand) so I think that's where he's "lucky". (He remembers EVERYTHING even when it's not the good kinda stuff to remember!!)
    I hope the next text goes better... the first year is the hardest - the adjustment is killer. Thinking of him!

  2. Lucky guy with a photographic memory! My MedStud is the same way, at least that's what he tells me. He's started studying at school instead of home, which helps him focus better. Thanks for your words!

  3. I help my Studoc study a lot...especially before big tests. He doesn't have a photographic memory. He is very visual and tactile, and learns best by doing and talking things out with someone else.

    I've started posting things I do to help him on my blog under the label "study buddy" to give ideas for wives who help their husbands study.

    Don't worry, over time you will discover exactly the best ways to help your husband study with his own unique learning style. Kudos to you for being willing to help! :)