Friday, August 12, 2011

I must have some issues.

Yesterday I was ecstatic to find out the MedStud and I could attend his sister's second wedding reception held on our side of the country in less than 3 weeks, on Labor Day weekend.  I quickly jumped on the internet and found some flights for about $200 each and was even more pleased.  The MedStud's family is very well-off, and pays for plane tickets when needed.  THEN I found out that this reception is only 35 minutes from a big, historical city that I've been wanting to visit for-ev-er.  Win-win-win!  Or so I thought.  I let the MedStud know all my wonderful findings, and he said, "Ok honey, there is something I want you to do for me, and I know you may not like it.  I want you to call my mom and tell her all this."  I really, really don't like talking to my MIL.  She and I are both very stubborn and both think that our ideas are always right, dangit!  She even screamed at me once for "ruining" her Christmas plans when I was trying to divide time evenly between our two very large families.  But that's another story.  So I called her and pretended to be all cheerful and let her know the good news.  Then she said, "Oh but we're flying into this airport, so you should come to this airport, not that airport."  I tried to explain that the MedStud and I wanted to make a weekend of it, especially since it is Labor Day weekend and we don't get many days off together (what with me working nights and he studying and going to medical school!!?!?).  She just kept insisting that we should stay with them at this hotel the whole weekend and blah blah blah.  I said I would look into it further and then hung up.

MedStud came down the stairs and I told him I couldn't talk to his mom anymore.  She aggravates the crap out of me.  Ugh!  Then he started saying how we really should do what she wants because we don't have all the money in the world right now, and how they would be paying for everything, blah blah blah.  I just burst into tears.

I miss my MedStud.  I want so badly to spend time with him - just him.  I love our families (yes, I really do).  But I love him more.  Why can't she budge sometimes?


  1. Awww, that's so rough! I totally understand the desire to be with him ALONE. It sucks to be dependent on them for money for the trip and then be obligated to do what they want you to do. I hope you can enjoy the trip anyway and sneak a few minutes of alone time.

  2. Thank you! We're going to have a whole day together because his parents leave a day early. Yay!

  3. How did the weekend go?
    I can TOTALLY understand needing time with JUST your hubby especially because your guys' schedule is so very hectic. I hope it turned out alright!!

  4. Labor Day weekend was great! We didn't end up going to the SIL's reception because of the cost of traveling, but we did go waterskiing with my aunt and uncle and took a 3 hour nap together! Wow!