Saturday, August 6, 2011


The MedStud is in his second year of medical school.  He is currently learning about Pharmacology and is really having a good time!  It's so nice for me as well, because helping him study helps me remember certain things about medications and how they work in the body.

That is one very thing positive about medical school, that you as the wife/SO learn so much!  It's great!

The MedStud goes to school every day from at least 0800 to 1200, and sometimes has extra classes in the afternoon and preceptorship every other Monday.  He is precepting at an Internal Medicine doctor's office which specializes in diabetes.  It's been so educational for him and insightful on the awful disease that diabetes is.  After school and preceptorships, he studies basically the rest of the night.  With second year comes studying and preparing for the first boards.  These are killer, and although I don't understand them completely right now, I know they're super hard.  It's a full time job!  There is no way we would be able to survive if I wasn't working.  That's one thing I stress to everyone considering this route - you need to have a source of income.  True, you can take out all the loans that the government offers and get scholarships, but with capitalizing interest and the lovely government plan that just came out, all graduate students are required to pay their interest back much sooner than they were before.  If you don't want a mountain of debt hanging over you, have some stream of income.

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